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10 Reasons to Advertise During the Holidays

10 Reasons to Advertise During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches and we begin to get distracted, just remember that consumers are acting in the same manner. That’s why it’s important to stay visible during the holiday season and keep your momentum going into 2016.  We have prepared a brief list of why it’s important to stay visible during the holidays. But first, take a look at this awsome gift we have for you.

1. Keep Up with your Competition – Don’t lose out on market share
Your competition is surely advertising. If they’re not, you have a huge advantage!

2 Increased sales numbers – Grow your business in 2016
We’ve seen clients experience a 50% sales increase (or more) from a holiday ad campaign!

3. TOMA (top of mind awareness)
During the holidays, people have a number of things on their minds. Even if you’re not selling gifts, you don’t want them to forget about you.

4. Don’t Break Your Frequency! – People need to know that you are still around
You’ve made a big investment in getting your name out there. Don’t just stop advertising because of a perceived lack of readership when in reality home improvement decisions are made over the holidays while families are together, relaxing and completing their home environment.

5. More than 4 out of 5 Adults Continue to Read Magazines During the Holidays.
Readers continue to read during the holidays. It is a myth that readership declines as our call volumes can attest.

6. Name Recognition – Act like the big boys and keep branding
When a customer thinks of a product, whom do you want them to think of: Target, Wal-Mart or you? It’s pretty hard for them to immediately think of you if they don’t see your name anywhere.

7. People often take their time when buying – People are still researching during the holidays
I often use a laptop when I travel and the time is coming for a new one. So I’ll be shopping for that. Am I going out to buy it tomorrow? Probably not. I’ll start watching the ads, studying the available brands and assembling the features I need. I may not make the purchase for several months, but when I do, I will probably have a dealer in mind and they will get a shot at my business.

8. Customers Forget – It’s your job to remind them
Did you happen to see an ad today for Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s’? I’m guessing you probably did or at least someone in your family did. The reason for this question is why? Isn’t the hard work done? These companies have certainly established their brand names. In the case of Coke it’s arguably the most well known brand name in the world. So why not cut back on the advertising a little? Put some of that ad money to the bottom line or make the stockholders happy with an extra dividend. The reason is very simple- We the customer forget without constant reminders. Each day a customer doesn’t hear about your company is one more day they start hearing about your competitor.

9. Customers Move
It’s estimated that the population of towns completely turns over every seven years. Studies show that 25% of your customers will move each year. A tip I have given for years is to have a yearly “Grand Opening” to attract that new 25% percent who move to your selling area each year.

10. It Takes a While to Ramp Up – You can’t afford to waste time
Have you ever noticed that when you haven’t used your hose in a while, it takes some time for the water to exit the spout from the time you turn on the faucet. The same is true in marketing. When you completely stop advertising, you can’t expect that when you start up again, that the leads in your pipeline will instantly be gushing. You know you are going to be highly motivated come the New Year to ramp up your business. Make that effort more attainable by continuing to advertise over the holidays so that your 2016 starts off strong.

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