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Virtual Consulting

Seeing is believing and selling

Make your virtual consultations professional.

Talk to your prospects and customers face-to-face.

Virtual Consulting

by | May 11, 2020

The age of video conferencing is now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual communication has become a safe way to talk face-to-face with prospects and customers. Americans will be hesitant to return to business as usual until the second COVID-19 wave has past. Video consulting is here to stay and is a part of the standard operating procedures for home improvement business.

TheHomeMag wants to help make your virtual consultations stand out from your competition. These tips apply to live streams as well. There are many video conferencing software programs and apps you can use. Our instructions are based on using Zoom software, but can be applied to other video conferencing software as well.

Virtual video conferencing is growing rapidly. As of March 2020, Zoom had 4.84 million U.S. daily mobile users. Source: Reuters Technology News March 2020

Experiment until you get the right setup, to look and sound your best to present your company and services.

Virtual Consulting Components:
High-Speed Internet Connection
Video and Audio Equipment
Video Conferencing Software

Video Conferencing Equipment

You’ll need video and audio capabilities. Most personal computers, tablets and smart phones are equipped for video and sound.  External web cameras, microphones, speakers, headsets and monitors can be added to your device.

Account Settings

Take time to set up your video conferencing account. Download necessary software. Have a nice photo  ready for your profile. Set up your preferences. You can follow Zoom set up instructions.

Get the Lay of the Land

Familiarize yourself with all video capabilities and try them out. Explore the different ways to schedule a meeting. See what screen sharing looks like. If you’re using a personal computer, clean up your desktop. Put away extraneous files that do not pertain to customers.

Set the Stage

Where will your studio be? Find a quiet isolated location. Look for a well lit place or bring lighting to your camera. Create even lighting so your face won’t be scary. Add some props to your backdrop (what’s behind you) or use a virtual background.

Makeup and Wardrobe

What you wear is important. Wear colors that you look good in. Stay away from busy patterns. Comb your hair. Brush your teeth. Prepare like you would for a photo shoot for the cover of a magazine.

Take a Test Drive

Do a test run. Schedule a meeting. Start the meeting and see how you look. Test the audio. Practice with a co-worker so they can give you feedback on what they see and hear. Views and app features are different for each platform- desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Most important- Relax and enjoy your conversations.

Need financial help?

There are a number of government programs from loans to grants to assist during this economic downturn.

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