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Business Planning Boot Camp

Are you ready to accept a cold, hard fact? Here it is:
Irrespective of the economy, every single home improvement company in the Orange County area has the potential to perform more effectively and efficiently.

How? With better business management! I don't think any business owner could disagree with this statement if they stopped to really examine their business operations. This doesn't apply to only home improvement companies in Orange County, but to virtually every business in operation today. If you're a business owner and want to know how to improve your company's operations and increase profits, then read on. This information is for you!

The starting point to improving your company's management systems is the creation of a written annual business plan for the coming year. If you're a small business owner, you're probably wondering if you really need one…you do! How can I say this?

For 13 years I worked for industry giant; Unilever, and they like every other successful large corporation published a company-wide business plan each year. It's a huge task that resulted in hundreds of pages of information. But if you were to ask someone at any large company about the importance of an annual business plan, they would tell you that it is a critical part of their success. It is a vital tool which holds all employees to a higher standard of excellence, resulting in increased profits.

The good news is that for a small business, the task of completing a business plan doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. However, it does take a measure of discipline and commitment. So why don't more small business owners take the time to write one for their business? Simply because they don't know how! But that's about to change.

TheHomeMag is sponsoring a 3 ½-day Business Planning Boot Camp that will walk you through the process of constructing your very own business plan…step by step. All you need to bring is your commitment, determination and your invaluable knowledge of your market. You'll leave with an expertly-written business plan designed to take you and your employees into the new year with clear goals and the ways to achieve them.

How much does this invaluable program cost? It usually costs $3,500 per company; but because we're sponsoring the event, we are able to offer it to you for just $499/company (max 3 attendees per company) and $299 for current advertisers!

We ran this program last year and the results were amazing. Click here to sign up and view the wonderful testimonials we received and then register for this years boot camp.