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Do You Know Your Customer?

Do You Know Your Customer?

How well do you know the type of customer that you want to do business with? The more you know, the better you can adjust your marketing efforts to reach them. Let’s drop in on one now.

Sarah is a pretty savvy consumer who takes her home seriously. She actively reads and collects home improvement magazines and collateral. When Sarah sees an ad she likes, the first thing she does is check the company’s website to try and get more information about them. Next, she will usually see what other consumers are saying about that company by going to Trustlink, Google Places or Yelp. Then, Sarah calls the company, and depending on how the call was handled, will usually determine whether or not she books an appointment for them to come to her house to give her an estimate.

Sarah, a middle-aged mother of two, who works with her husband Alex. They started an event planning business after they got married and have worked together since. After almost 20 year of business, she is able to work from home in Irvine, while her husband and their assistant work at the company office in Anaheim. What a great investment their home turned out to be. After 6 years, it’s now almost listing at $650,000.

Today it dawns on Sarah that her dog Patches always gets very excited and jumps on the glass door in the kitchen. Because Patches does this every day, the glass has become scratched and it looks dirty and unappealing. Sarah needs to connect with a window and door company.

Sarah usually goes over her list of daily to do’s and begins to work on some schedules and phone calls from her kitchen. Although she has workspace at home, she feels the lighting is not enough and finds her kitchen to be more appealing to her to work in, where she gets direct sunlight through her window. Sarah needs to connect with a skylight/lighting company.

By eleven o’clock, she takes a break from her paperwork, goes to her garden with Patches, and checks up on her garden. She is concerned because she has been dealing with pests that kill off her flowers. It also seems the backyard is out of shape and the deck needs some work too. Sarah needs to connect with a backyard remodeling contractor.

She remembers that it is almost time to call her daughter, Emily, and goes back inside. Almost everyday Sarah talks to her daughter and sometimes turns that conversation into a Face time session on her iPad or iPhone. Today, her scheduled session with Emily is interrupted by a phone call from her husband. He asks her plans for lunch and invites her to join him to discuss a business offer he has received.

While Sarah waits for the time to meet her husband, she goes over some of her goals on her vision board in her office. One of her priorities for the following year is to surprise her daughter, with a brand new room upon her return after college graduation. Sarah needs to connect with a painter and interior designer.

Although she would love to do the same for her son, Max’s room, he has expressed his love for the East Coast and says he wants to stay there. So, instead she will work on updating the look of his old room and furnish it differently, to make it a guest room. Sarah needs to connect with a furniture company.

On her drive home from lunch, Sarah gets a calendar reminder on her iPhone of a birthday party coming up on the weekend. She takes a few hours to do some gift shopping and takes her BMW to get detailed. While she waits for her car, she spends time on her iPad browsing for home improvement and design ideas she has been contemplating all day.

Dose Sarah sound like the kind of client you are trying to connect with? How well is your advertising crafted to reach her? In today’s marketplace, it is now even more crucial to know who your client is.

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