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High Energy. High Life.

High Energy. High Life.

“A man doesn’t need brilliance or genius; all he needs is energy.” Albert M. Greenfield

Energy fuels our life. Without healthy energy levels we cannot succeed in our personal or business lives.

Over the past year I shifted my focus from work mode to taking time to recharge and be at peace with the unprecedented circumstances. I accessed my lifestyle and made changes to key elements. As a result, I became more balanced and energized. Below are the areas that may help you too.

Improve Your Eating Habits.  Make a plan and stick to it. During the pandemic, I decided to eat raw food for just 21 days. I figured if I could eat 95% raw and cheat 5% then I would avoid the extra Covid-19 lbs. It took adjusting every meal, but after 21 days I was hooked. My energy soared to youthful levels!

Exercise.  Go back to training and workout with a goal. There was a time when I was training a few times a week with little results. During our quarantining, I began to set goals and time limits. I love cycling so I set my goals to improve my race times. Each week I improved and gained more stamina to go longer.

Quality Sleep.  Many of us do not get the sleep we need, which is vital for healthy energy levels. Create a calming nightly routine to train your body to rest. “Let go” of everything in your mind before bed. I found this difficult at first, but it has made a huge difference in my state of mind, stress levels, and the quality of my sleep. The better your sleep, the higher your energy level will be.

Practice Gratitude. Be thankful. See each day as a gift. No matter what challenges happen, deal with them and learn from the experience. An attitude of gratitude alleviates a lot of unnecessary strife.

Time for Yourself.  It is important to keep yourself strong and healthy. Do not become a martyr to your work or your family. Make time to let go, unwind, and do something you are passionate about. Find something that excites and energizes you. In the long run a happier, more energized you will be in better for everyone.

The higher your energy levels, the more efficiently your body performs. The more efficiently your body performs, the better you feel and the more you will use your talents to produce outstanding results.” ~Anthony Robbins

Whatever your plans are this this year, make them experiences to remember. Take time to improve on your balance in life and your energy levels. You will be amazed at how one single, small change each month can have massive results over the long term.

This month we celebrate mothers for giving us life. It’s up to each of us to use our energy to live it to the fullest.

Happy Mother’s Day.