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Get your sales ringing?

Get your sales ringing?

The holidays are not the time to slow down your marketing and lose any traction.

Turn your downtime into an uptime with these marketing ideas.

Boost Sales with a Holiday Special.

Create an irresistible limited-time offer. This can excite customers and get them thinking about projects they’ve been putting off. Offer a 30% installation discount, a festive gift or give a portion of your proceeds to a charity. Get your business in front of buyers in the holiday spirit while they have discretionary income to spend.

Keep customers coming back with your business after the holidays are over by providing an incentive with their holiday purchases for a future purchase or a cash reward for a customer referral.

Impressive Home Improvement Gifts

Nothing says “I love you” like a new kitchen. Package your products or services as the greatest gift ideas that they are. Give Dad the audio video entertainment system upgrade throughout the house he’s been wanting. Your TheHomeMag team can help you with positioning your sensational gift idea. 


Get in on the shopping (buying) frenzy. According to The National Retail Federation U.S. holiday sales are expected to rise between 3.8% and 4.2% in 2019, higher than last year. That’s $730.7 billion.


Incentive to Buy Now

In the spirit of giving, give a discount now for work done later. You can appeal to the proactive shoppers or inspire people to shop early by offering an early-bird special. Get homeowners to commit to home improvement for next year. E.g. Buy now save 20%. Start the New Year saving and improving.

Host an Event

Host a special shopping event, open house or holiday party that brings your community together. You and your customers will enjoy connecting while you spread the word about your company’s latest products and services.

Holiday Contest

Advertise a special service bundle or item to give away. Announce your winner at the holidays. This creates a buzz and brings hits to your website. The contest entry form will capture your customers and new prospects to market to year-round.

Market all these ideas inexpensively through multiple platforms- print, direct mail and social media. Repeat them in January for homeowners to ring in the new year with lots of home improvements. Ask your THM Marketing Consultant to help you with your advertising to get a boost in leads during your slow season. The more you advertise, the more your company will be top of mind to call for a home improvement project now and into 2020.

by Kathy Latus