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“How do you measure and manage efficiency in office operations?”

“How do you measure and manage efficiency in office operations?”

First, do you know what needs to be measured? Are your 4 employees each tasked with certain objectives that drive your bottom line? If they are doing activities, there’s not much value in measuring them unless you know that their efforts to do them productivity will affect your bottom line.

Once you determine what the primary objectives are for each person, ask yourself, can the results be measured? Not just by the employee but verified through some system.

Next, what needs to be achieved in order for you to get the ROI you want? If your employees were doing exactly what you want and you could measure their results, would it lead to positive results for your office?

Finally, if all the above areas have been addressed, the only thing left is to have a system for your employees to track their performance. Do you have such a system?

The way to get employees to adhere to the system is to have regular performance meetings to review their work vs the goals that have been set. Make them accountable for their results and you be the one who helps them get better.

Steve Smith is a business coach who specializes in helping small businesses come up with a plan to succeed. To visit his site, click here.