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Improving Conversion Rates

Improving Conversion Rates

Half the year is over with a key quarter remaining to reach sales goals. It’s time to examine where the opportunities are to increase profits before the holiday season slowdown.

Start converting more calls into sales.
As business owners, one of our most important goals is company sales. One way to ensure that we reach those goals is to convert more calls into sales. As business owners, we all know the scenario of when we’ve enticed someone to visit our website or call our office and after the initial contact, they don’t purchase our products/services. So, what’s the next step? Follow up…follow up…follow up!

One of the most common myths entrepreneurs fall victim to is thinking that if they do a good job, the customer will automatically call them back, so they don’t need to follow-up. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on this if we want to achieve our sales goals.

When you don’t follow up your initial contact by providing more information on a consistent basis, you let a valuable prospect slip through your fingers. This potential customer had serious interest in your products but may have lost your contact information or was too occupied with other things to make a purchase when your first contact was made.

If you’re one of the companies that are missing out on profits due to an ineffective or non-existent follow-up plan, implement a new system. Stick to it EVERY DAY! Follow up with your prospects consistently, individually and in a timely manner, and you should have more prospects converted into customers.

Converting more calls into sales includes:
• Setting up a structured follow-up program throughout the sales process
• Defining the steps and scripts to provide efficient follow up
• Implementing a structured follow-up plan immediately after the contact and into the future
• Scheduling follow ups after the sale and project completion

Good customer follow-up techniques will not only go a long way in creating customer value, but in the end will help build a sustainable relationship with your prospect. This will ultimately result in more sales, repeat business, more referrals, and a higher rate of return increasing the bottom line.