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Increased Demand for Home Improvement Services

Increased Demand for Home Improvement Services

Call volumes are up

More time. More Money.

Billions are spent in the home improvement industry. Residential construction, home improvements, and related household expenditures account for approximately a fifth of GDP. Over the past five years the average homeowner/s equity has doubled allowing home improvement spending to grow faster.

COVID-19 has made people stay in their properties. Homeowners staying home combined with increased homeowner equity are contributing to the steady growth of the home improvement industry.

While Home Improvement Retail sales have declined, the demand for professional home improvement services increased. There a still many DIY home improvement projects, homeowners will attempt to do.  However for the projects that require professionals, you’ll be ready for their calls.

With Southern California homes reaching record values resulting in an increase in home equity, and low borrowing interest rates, people have the means to upgrade a kitchen and bathroom or remodel their backyard.

As we adapt to work around COVID-19, more homeowners are feeling comfortable with workers coming to their home especially with the no contact remodeling. We at TheHomeMag are seeing this change in the consumer and tracking the home improvement services demand.


When hiring a home pro, homeowners surveyed are looking for core safety measures with 71% looking for social distancing, 69% extra sanitation, and 61% for PPE (personal protective equipment) use.
ANGI Homeservices Survey


YOY Growth

Despite COVID-19, nationwide TheHomeMag revenue is higher in 2020 than in 2019 which reflects the growth in professional home improvement services. TheHomeMag SoCal is experiencing lead generation growth with our summer publications. As a result of COVID-19 there were less advertisers, yet call volumes were higher in June this year than in June of last year. Proving the demand for home improvement is increasing.

According to Property Management, “The percentage of our population who are aging comprise over 50% of the homeowners who are renovating and remodeling their homes.” This demographic will continue to grow as more choose to age in place staying in their homes. TheHomeMag connects home professionals with this aging market.

Get ready. Be prepared. The home improvement industry shows no signs of slowing down soon.

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by Kathy Latus