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The Joys of an Unstructured Summer

The Joys of an Unstructured Summer

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Anonymous

Wow, time flies! It’s hard to believe that summer is already half gone. Last summer my wife and I planned a magical three week trip through Europe. We had an awesome time! In fact, it was so awesome that we couldn’t wait to plan a similar trip this summer. As luck would have it, a few developments occurred and we could no longer fit the three weeks into our summer schedule. We were both very disappointed at first, but as it turns out, it has been rather refreshing. Instead of having an action packed summer, we have really enjoyed spending quality time at home. My daughter has loved the long summer days running around with friends, playing games, building camps and secret clubs. She has told me numerous times how much she loves this summer. So, instead of the action packed “rush” of always feeling that you have to be somewhere, it’s a relief to be able to slow down and just enjoy the summer. We certainly feel the difference and love our much calmer summer!

The theme of relaxing during summer reminded me of a thought provoking message written by George Carlin way back in the 1970s, which, however, seems to be just as relevant even today:

“The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less, we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families; more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense; more knowledge, but less judgment; more experts, yet more problems; more medicine, but less wellness.

We drink too much; smoke too much; spend too recklessly; laugh too little; drive too fast; get too angry; stay up too late; get up too tired; read too little; watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.

We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life. We’ve added years to life not life to years. We’ve been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We’ve done larger things, but not better things.

We’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul. We’ve conquered the atom, but not our prejudice. We write more, but learn less. We plan more, but accomplish less. We’ve learned to rush, but not to wait. We build more computers to hold more information, to produce more copies than ever, but we communicate less and less.

These are the times of fast foods and slow digestion, big men and small character, steep profits and shallow relationships. These are the days of two incomes but more divorce, fancier houses, but broken homes. These are days of quick trips, disposable diapers, throwaway morality, one night stands, overweight bodies, and pills that do everything from cheer, to quiet, to kill…”

I know it gets just a bit depressing at the end, but nevertheless, thought provoking…So I say, remember to spend some time this summer with your loved ones, because they are not going to be around forever. Remember to say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Remember to give a warm hug to the one next to you, because that is the only treasure you can give with your heart and it doesn’t cost a cent. Remember to say “I love you” to your partner and your loved ones, but most of all mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside of you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for some day that person will not be there again. Give time to love, give time to speak and ALWAYS REMEMBERLife is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Enjoy the rest of your summer from all of us at TheHomeMag, and make your home your castle and your haven.

Ralph Harris