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Managing Lead Generation

Managing Lead Generation

The majority of leads come in from customer referrals. The rest funnel in from all your brand and marketing communications. What are you doing with the list of prospects you receive from all your sources? Do you have a timely follow-up process in place?  Are you retargeting past clients?

Marketing automation can help you competitively manage your leads. It is software developed to maintain regular communication with prospects and existing customers. It tracks your prospects activity and can even qualify leads on specific criteria.

Marketing automation choices

There are many kinds depending on what your budget and needs are.

DYI- You can manage your prospective customer list yourself using spreadsheets to track activity. Then you can set up and schedule each communication. Digital communication websites for email, social media posts and blogs have scheduling and some analysis.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software – Signup or purchase software specifically developed for managing customer data. Industry leaders like HubSpot and SalesForce require some training and setup. There is free CRM software, such as Sales Autopilot, and HubSpot CRM, but for broader capabilities you’ll need to upgrade. JobNimbus and JobProgress are both contracting CRM software designed to manage all aspects of your project-based business.

Agency- You can hire a firm to do it all for you. They will serve you up warm and hot leads as well as provide you reports on what marketing is working.

Improve your lead generation

Assess your process. Look at what works to bring in leads. This will include customer referrals, social media, print magazines, direct mail, radio, home shows, emails, vehicle signage, sales calls, and going door-to-door.

Follow-up is key

Lead generation will be affected by how often you communicate. It’s important to consistently advertise, email, be active on social media, reply to reviews and quickly respond to leads.

Residential construction and remodeling typically have a long sales cycle. Homeowners take a long time thinking about a home project before acting on it. They research, analyze, compare bids, read reviews, and view project photographs before deciding who to consider for home improvement. They look to trusted and established sources and publications to provide reputable companies to do business with. Knowing that the home pros have been vetted by an organization puts them at ease when choosing a contractor. Make sure your company is listed with the most-used resources.

It’s crucial to stay in touch with prospects during their decision making. Marketing automation could be the tool you need. It can free you up to concentrate on the best leads, provide proposals and write up estimates.