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How to leverage direct mail

How to leverage direct mail

As a general or specialty home improvement business, you need to know who your ideal clients are and their habits. Remodelers and roofers can focus on owners of older residences that need fixing and updates, while general contractors can market to new or recent homebuyers. No matter what kind of homeowner you target, for the most part they all look at their mail. They watch out for regular items they receive such as bills and magazines. That’s why TheHomeMag gets read.

What’s the smartest way for you to reach homeowners? Send your message right to their mailbox. You can do a mass mailing yourself or go with a company that will do all the work for you. 

Do It Yourself Direct Mail

To do it yourself, you’ll need to develop criteria to fit your target market. Procure mailing lists from a broker that fit your markets by zip codes or usethe United States Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail service to blanket mail your piece to neighborhoods by zip code. Your direct mailer needs to be designed and printed. Then your piece needs to be prepared for mailing, sent to the post office and the postage paid. 

Direct Mail With An Expert

Why not capitalize on TheHomeMag’s legacy and monthly mailing to targeted homeowners? It’s easy. We take care of the targeted mailing list, design, printing and mailing. THM can produce direct mail pieces for you at half the cost of you doing it on your own. To reduce costs even more, share a mailer with complimentary contractor.

Sending a series of direct mailings to the same database improves the odds of a high return. THM can create a series of magazine inserts for you with different messages to push prospects to call. 

Make A Trusted Impression

As a trusted direct mail publication, we’ll help you make the best impression. Get the reader’s attention with a special offer or tell them for example why they need a new water filtration system, heating system, exterior painting or outdoor living space. 

Whether you are trying direct mail pieces for the first time, or are looking for a more cost efficient route, we are here to partner with you in getting leads. Give your business an edge with a magazine insert.

By Kathy Latus