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Every day live life to the fullest

Every day live life to the fullest

“Don’t waste another year of your life.”Kobe Bryant

So, I was having breakfast Sunday morning at the Paséa Hotel when I got a text from my daughter at 10:00 am. “Dad, did you hear about Kobe?” I texted back “What happened?” “He died in a helicopter crash.” Not believing her, I looked online at TMZ, Los Angeles Times and Facebook. I texted back. “Could be a hoax…not on any major networks.” Then all of sudden the news blew up and the story was everywhere. 

I’m not really a sentimental guy. I didn’t cry when my dad passed away. However, this time death really struck me, and my eyes teared up. I could feel the pain of loss. As the day went on, I experienced that feeling many times as I watched the TV and read Facebook posts by so many people affected by the news. This man really touched and inspired our Los Angeles and Orange County communities. He impacted me and my family too.

Almost every day, I train from 5 am to 6 am. My trainer, Rodger trained Kobe three to four times a week from 3 am until 5 am. As we passed each other, we would exchange pleasantries and jab each other. Kobe would joke and say, “When I retire, I don’t want to end up looking out of shape like all the other pro basketball players.” My wife, who trains after Vanessa Bryant, asked Kobe if he would sign two basketballs for our housekeeper’s nephews. He did it with pleasure.

I’ve read his book The Mamba Mentality and have watched countless YouTube videos on his constant drive to succeed and the sacrifices he made every day, to outwork and out train his competition. What really made an impression on me was that a man who was massively successful and had reached the top of his game, made time in his busy schedule to train from 3 am to 5 am.

Kobe was like a light moving through darkness showing all of us what’s truly possible. His loss really affected me; a light went out. My favorite Kobe quote, “The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win,” motivates you to keep going. Kobe was a living inspirational legend we will miss.

Life is tough. We all must navigate its challenges and obstacles. Take the time to go and listen to a few words of inspiration; it will really get you going in your journey to be a better person.

Make every moment count and live your life to the fullest, because all of your experiences can be over in an instant. Make life count!

Mamba Out.

— Ralph