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Sandler Training

Sandler Training


Group 1 is a highly motivated individual, or company that is doing well, has some extremely high goals and wants some outside accountability to achieve new heights in their sales efforts.

The second group is experiencing a sales problem and needs some help.  For example…

1.  They are not getting in front of enough new prospects on a regular basis.

2.  After meeting a new prospect, the conversation ends politely in “I’ll think it over”, only the 2 parties never have a live conversation again.

3.  Several voicemails later the frustrated and exhausted salesperson gives up.

4.  Perhaps they never reached the real decision maker but were unaware or afraid to confront the issue.

5.  Maybe the prospect requests discounts, revised proposals, but they still don’t close the business.

6.  Referrals are a great idea that rarely happen because the salesperson either forgets to ask or again is afraid to ask for fear of being perceived as too forward or pushy.

Sound familiar?  These sales problems are at epidemic proportions in almost all organizations.

Chris Jennings is UCLA graduate and a 25 year veteran in sales and sales training.  He has helped 1,000’s of small to medium size companies.  Chris offers no nonsense, non-threatening sales approaches that are sure to offer a welcome and refreshing alternative to the old worn out typical pushy sales tactics.  His relaxed style and keen awareness of almost all sales situations help his audience and ongoing coaching clients to get a perspective on exactly what mistakes they are making, and what to do about it.  Sandler offers a systematic approach to helping clients buy, as opposed to pushing sales on unqualified prospects that don’t want, or need the help.  Through the use of effective questioning techniques, psychology, and NLP, Chris guides you through a sales process that is effective for both salesperson and prospect.

For more information about Chris please contact him at