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Ten Reasons Direct Mail Magazines Work

Ten Reasons Direct Mail Magazines Work

We have all experienced hardships in life and survived to tell the tales. But if we had to do it all over again, wouldn’t we find a way not to stress so much, or worry less, not to lose our cool; to let go of negative thoughts; and to be more relaxed?

In this interactive age when everyone is blogging, watching YouTube and updating on the social networks, why consider sending a direct mail ad? Because TheHomeMag works.

Response rates for direct mail are 21 times higher than newspaper, 19 times higher than radio and 47 times higher than TV, according to a study by the Direct Marketing Association. 

Here are 10 reasons to choose TheHomeMag:

1. Highly Targeted Audience. TheHomeMag selects households and individuals in local areas that are most likely to respond to home improvement services. With TheHomeMag, you don’t just hit the target – you hit the bullseye.
2. Less Waste. Internet, TV, radio, newspapers cover a broad area with thousands upon thousands of people. Their cost per thousand is relatively low, but you only want to reach people within your local area. TheHomeMag delivers to a finely tuned audience. No waste. No bounces.
3.Saturation. Not everyone subscribes to the newspaper.  Not everyone listens to the radio or watches TV at the same time, on the same station. There are no guarantees your internet impressions will be seen by the right people, if at all.  However, we all get the mail –every day. TheHomeMag is delivered via USPS to households in your community.
4.Less Competition.  Think about all the ads you hear daily on the radio, see on TV, Pop-ups online or emails. Do you click them closed? Now think of your mailbox. Do  you read every piece of mail, or at least look at each piece of your mail? How many pieces of mail do you receive daily? There’s not nearly as much competition vying for your attention in your mailbox as other media.
5.Longer Shelf-Life. Radio and TV ads are gone instantly. 80% of people say they remember direct mail sent to them for up to a month! Unlike the digital alternatives, direct mail and magazines typically stay in homes for a while, especially if the reader is interested in it. Consumers will refer to it several times and share it with others.
6.Great ROI. On average the ANA states that, “direct mail advertising gives a business a 13 to 1 return on investment.” Although it’s often very difficult to calculate the precise ROI of any given marketing campaign, the long tested record of direct mail proves to be a profitable one.
7.Exact Neighborhoods. With other media, especially the Internet, your message runs wherever it will fit – even right next to your competition – unless you’re willing to pay top dollar to secure a specific or exclusive spot.  TheHomeMag gives you full control:  you know exactly where (whose mailbox) your message will hit.
8.Customized Message. Every client of TheHomeMag receives two hours of FREE graphic design time. You work with designers on a customized ad that fits your business and message best.
9.Low Cost. With our targeted mailing lists and low rates, TheHomeMag is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience. You reach the people you want for the lowest postage possible! Additionally, for just pennies per home more, you can choose a stand-alone insert devoted exclusively to your business for far less than the typical solo piece would cost you.
10. People Trust Direct Mail. Trust is such an important part of marketing and selling both your product, and yourself. One of the added benefits with direct mail, is the trust component. Craig Simpson, contributing writer at, wrote, “People are suspicious and careful in the online world. This caution is entirely to the detriment of your sales message.” He added, “Consumers are bound to trust your direct mail sales piece more than they would a suspiciously fancy email.”

Professional marketers still marvel at the power of direct mail and so should you. In a recent survey, customers chose direct mail as the preferred medium for receiving and evaluating information about products, over both email and telemarketing. Printed pieces drive Internet searches, online sales, and calls resulting in purchases.

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