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Take time to celebrate success and the people who made it possible.

Take time to celebrate success and the people who made it possible.

Our capacity for success and greatness is embodied by the people we surround ourselves with. If we aspire to greatness, make sure that you have greatness around you. – Lewis Howes

I remember the day we decided to move to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean to run a charter yacht. I had no experience on how to handle a boat that size, let alone have six charter quests onboard and entertain them for a week. And my wife, Debbie was no gourmet chef by any stretch of the imagination. Fast forward five years later and Robert De Niro is saying his goodbyes after 10 days onboard, “Deb, my highlight was your food, better than any of the 5-star restaurants you took us too!”

Arriving at that point was credit to all the help we received from others. Fellow skippers, land-based locals and “chefs” had all given advice, lessons, tips, given recommendations, etc. Trying to achieve success on your own is like trying to sail across the world with no wind!

When we arrived in Florida to start TheHomeMag, we had no experience in publishing or sales. We did whatever startups do: work, fail, work, fail, until we succeeded.  It was never without the help of friends, co-workers, partners and acquaintances.

Today, as I sit in my office, I look around and see a team of over 20 co-workers each doing their part in bringing to life six magazines every four weeks. After the team celebrates the completion of each month’s six issues, we return to work the following Monday and have to repeat the process all over again. It feels like we are at the “bottom of the mountain” about to spend the next four weeks climbing to the top, to bring six babies to life with zero mistakes. At least that’s the goal, right?

No one reaches success on their own. Your team foretells your future. Many years ago, someone gave me golden advice. You don’t have a business unless you surround yourself with great people to help make it all happen. I have taken 10 years to build the team I have today. It’s taken hard work, honest conversations, tough decisions, and many, many hours of labor. Building a winning team is worth all the pain, obstacles and adversity along the way.

I knew when I moved to California in 2008 that the only way I was going to succeed was to find great people. To begin the journey, I had my greatest support, my wife. I knew with her, together, we could overcome any obstacle. The two became four, and so on and so on. I am very grateful for everyone that has participated positively in our journey.

We work hard, but we have also taken the time to celebrate all of our success along the way. If life is a journey, then stopping every month to raise a glass to having reached a new milestone, makes it all worthwhile.

To all Team Leaders out there, don’t forget to thank your team, whoever they are.
To my Team, thank you!

Ralph Harris