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We are pleased to announce our partnership with TrustLink. We are the official marketing arm are for TruskLink’s home improvement segment and the official place to sign up for that segment’s paid membership. Click on the link below to request a sales representative to contact you to sign up.


TrustLink Features and Benefits was launched by the BBB as a consumer review site for home improvement and other service providers.

• uses the trusted name and brand recognition of the 100 year old BBB to compete with Angie’s List and Yelp at 10-50% of the cost of those organizations.

• In a typical month, 200,000 – 250,000 consumers go to to ask questions, read reviews and find home improvement providers.

• Almost one million companies are registered on

• Over 100,000 verified reviews have been posted by consumers on

• provides many unique features including blogs, video, “hot deals” links connecting members’ websites to storefronts and storefronts to websites.

• is the fastest growing consumer service rating company we know.

Trustlink screen

Other Benefits
• TrustLink members can become “TrustLink Experts” by hosting Q&A forums for consumers. TrustLink Experts can use their designations (e.g. TrustLink Plumbing Expert) in both on and offsite marketing.

• TrustLink members can link their business websites to their TrustLink storefronts with a TrustLink “widget”. Widgets display members’ real time rating on TrustLink and the number of posted reviews. This rating lends credibility to the member’s service offering and includes a huge SEO benefit by linking the business site to a highly trusted and trafficked site,

• TrustLink members receive free reports including storefront visits, track-able leads, review generation tips, reputation management tips and success stories from other members.

• Free, live support: TrustLink uses real humans to answer phones during business hours to help our members with review, storefront, marketing and technical issues.





To sign up click here.






Explanation of “track-able lead”
TrustLink storefronts segregate business information between “reasons to buy” and “ready to buy” to better promote customers and track performance. Reasons to buy range from simple addresses, service areas and business descriptions to sophisticated inducements like: specializations, photo examples of work, video messages from owners, customer reviews, awards and designations, etc. Successful storefront campaigns include a full range of high quality “reasons to buy”. Consumers that are unready or unconvinced tend to move on. The “ready to buy” ones look for contact information. Contact information is hidden under a storefront button “Click Here for Contact Info”. A click reveals:

• Phone numbers
• Email addresses
Website addresses
Hours of operation

Clicks on the “Contact Info” button are track-able leads

The Value of Membership
Many categories within TrustLink are competitive with dozens or hundreds of service providers per service area. However, TrustLink is designed to help our members maximize consumer lead generation.

Rated TrustLink members are placed at the top of each consumer search based on category and geography (like Google).

Rated TrustLink members are embedded in the (non-member) competition’s storefronts. Consumers looking at the Joe’ Plumbing (a non-member) storefront also see local TrustLink members along with their ratings and special offers.

• Only TrustLink members can offer “Hot Deals” and “Special Offers”. A coupon or discount offered at the time when consumers are making their purchase decisions helps distinguish members from non-members.

• As a result, most TrustLink members with complete storefronts (reviews, links, videos, etc.) receive dozens to hundreds of storefront visitors per month, or more, with no extra charge per visit. Some service providers receive 3,000 – 5,000 visitors per month. Google charges an average of $5 – 10 per visit for this (pay per click) service alone.

• Most TrustLink members receive dozens or hundreds of track-able, qualified leads per year with no extra charge per lead. Yelp and Angie’s List charge the equivalent of $50 to 150 per lead for this service alone.