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USP/ Brand Positioning


Determining your company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is one of the key marketing activities you can do for your business. The reason most companies don’t have one is simple – it’s not easy.

The key question you need to ask is: How is my company different to every other company in OC doing the same thing?

For instance, if you are a plumber – how are you different from every other plumber? If you can find a reason that meets the following criterion, you are ahead of the game:

  • Is your reason relevant to consumers
  • Is your reason motivating to consumers
  • Is it credible (truthful)
  • Is it believable (it can be substantiated by claims / evidence)

We can help you figure this out. Give us a call today on 949-478-3951 and we will work with you to develop a USP for your business.