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What can we learn from The Shark Tank Reality TV Show?

I saw this quote from Albert Einstein and it inspired me to write this article. I want to expand on his quote as I believe that it is only half true. Just because you can't explain it “”simply,”” doesn't mean that you don't know your product or service, it just means that you need a better “”pitch.”” You must be able to tell people what you do in 3-4 sentences instead of 5 minutes. You MUST know who you are and what you do in order to simplify your message, so that it can be delivered and received.

I was reading an article in Success Magazine about the TV show called “”The Shark Tank”” and it stated that “”100% of the entrepreneurs who got deals, were able to articulate the opportunity in 90 seconds or less showing me why if I were an investor, I would make money.””

Every person in your company, from the owner to the sales people, to the marketing department to the people who answer your phones, should have the same company message. It needs to be conveyed in a manner that is genuine and authentic to the individual, but conveys your company message the exact same way. I would recommend you practice it and make it part of your daily routine…

For example, My name i s Craig Garcia and I am the Director of Marketing for TheHomeMag of Southern California. We are an advertising magazine for the home improvement industry. We are in business to help you grow your business by generating leads for your company through our print magazine and online marketing efforts!

In the example above, I've made my message simple & precise, which tells you exactly, who I am and what I do, in about 4-5 sentences or 30-90 seconds… Try this technique with all your employees and you will soon develop a “”Uniform Branded Message”” across the board. Soon, your entire company will make a dramatic shift. I've seen it happen in as little as two weeks, but for most companies, two to three months later, it will make a big difference in your culture, attitude and the “”vibe”” at work.Ultimately, the total sales and growth for the year will increase. A person who can articulate their ideas the best, usually get the deal. Try this technique in your company; you will see a dramatic change in the energy at the office and continuity will develop throughout the office.

For more information on developing your 30-90 second pitch, see my training video on the 5 laws to sell anything:


Craig Garcia
Marketing Director
TheHomeMag of Southern California