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What defines success?

What defines success?

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” — John Wooden

For most people in the U.S., success means the attainment of fame, wealth, or power. For many years of my life that was the way I too, looked at it. Success was where I lived; the kind of house I had; the clothes I wore; and the car I drove.

Sixteen years ago, a great thing happened in my life. Immediately, I began to see success in a whole new light when my daughter, Tayla, was born. Her birth had a profound effect on my life and steered me on my journey to becoming the man I am today.

At the time, we lived in Florida during a bad hurricane season. Hurricane Charley lasted from August 9-15 and reached 150 mph. This ferocious storm badly damaged our home. No electricity or running water. The heat was unbearable. My wife and I, covered in mosquito bites, used the swimming pool full of tree branches and dirt, to bathe and cool down. To top it all off, my wife was nine months pregnant and ready to pop. Our life had drastically changed in a matter of days from one of ease and luxury, to one of hardship and discomfort.

All hell broke loose when my daughter announced her imminent arrival. We rushed to the hospital overflowing with birthing moms because the hurricane dropped the barometric pressure causing pregnant women in their last trimester to go into labor. We will be forever grateful to the wonderful volunteer nurses that came from nearby states to help with the barrage of Hurricane Charley patients. 

Twenty-two hours later, in the quiet after the storm, I was holding my perfect little baby girl in my arms. My wife sleeping soundly. All the turmoil of the last few days slipped away. At that moment I saw the world through different eyes, with a clarity I will never forget. My vision for my little girl changed the way I looked at life forever.

It was not about the home she would own or the car she would drive, but about the wonderful person she would become and the good she would do. I realized then that success is not about material or external things. Many of us define success as if it were a goal; an ending point, when we would have all that we ever dreamed of. Success is about the journey and the pursuit of living up to your full potential.

This month is our 10 Year Anniversary at TheHomeMag San Diego. It has been 12 years since I started TheHomeMag in Orange County. This time has been filled with trials and tribulations including the current unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Through the hardships and hard work, the time has also been filled with wonderful growth, development, progress and yes, success.

Congratulation to my Team! I am so proud of what we have achieved together, both as a business and as individuals. We have faced many challenges and we will face more like we are now. When a team evolves and comes together to work towards a common vision, success becomes a reality. Let’s celebrate our San Diego 10 Year Anniversary! To our SUCCESS! 

And to you, the Reader; Best of Luck on your journey and may you find your SUCCESS

— Ralph