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7 Reasons to Update Your Website

7 Reasons to Update Your Website

Does your company website have curb appeal?

Every homeowner knows the value of curb appeal in attracting attention, but many businesses underestimate the value of having a website with great curb appeal.  In today’s online marketplace, your website is your digital store front.  Having a website which is attractive, functional and invites your customers to come and stay for a while is the essential to your success. Our art department can provide you with a FREE website assessment and estimate for a quick update or full rebranding of your website.

During the 2008 recession “Construction employment shrank further by 101,000 jobs, and the rate of construction unemployment soared to 15.3% – by far the highest of any group”.

1.     An up to date website shows your business is healthy

Having an updated web site signals to your potential clients that your still in operation and thriving.  Likewise, having a poorly designed and out of date website is a signal that you may be out of business, and consumers are unlikely to waste their time calling you.  If you don’t have the resources to manage your own company website, how can they trust that you have the resources to manage their project?

The new and improved LIRA projects that home remodeling spending will increase 8.6% by the end of 2016 and then further accelerate to 9.7% by the first quarter of next year (Source: “Robust Remodeling Growth Anticipated by Re-Benchmarked LIRA” April 21, 2016.),

2.     Images and videos attract customers

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and our brains are hardwired to gather information visually.  Images speak directly to consumer’s emotions and inspire them to take action.  Your website should include a well-organized portfolio images of your recent work, highlighting the full range of the services you offer.  Add video and testimonials, and let your happy customers speak for the quality of your workmanship.

3.     Purposeful text inspires action

Having purposeful text which supports inspirational images is the most effective way to engage viewers and create a context for the ideas you’re sharing.  Furthermore, bold header text allows customers to quickly skim content.

The text on your site shouldanswer these key questions:

  • Who you are?
  • What work you do?
  • Where your service areas are located?
  • How to contact you- Bold and on the top right, easy to find?
  • Why your company is better than your competitors?
  • When you are open?

When choosing fonts, legibility is key.  Text also plays a central role in allowing search engines to find your site (Click here to learn more about Search Engine Optimization).

4.     Mobile friendly websites are make it easy for customers to connect with you

Over 60% of all online media is now viewed from a smart phone or a tablet.  If you have not updated your site in the past two years, chances are your site is not designed to handle the variety of devices now being used to view it.  You may be surprised to know the average user will stay on your website for less than 2 seconds unless they can instantly find the information they need

If they like what they see, they will want to take action.  Ask yourself, how do you want them to contact you?  They are ready to learn more, and you need to be prepared to respond to their questions immediately.  If you are difficult to reach by phone, I recommend setting up a Contact Us Form with an auto-responder email that lets them know you have received their request and gives them a realistic idea of when you will be contacting them.

5.     Smart email marketing campaigns create return visitors

Consider sending timely maintenance reminders and small project ideas, and add this content to a well-organized blog within your site.  Next, take your online marketing to the next level with an email marketing newsletter.  Add a “Subscribe” button to your website.  Remember, with email, a little goes a long way.

6.     Good planning prevents website failures

Companies often spend their entire budget on creating a new website only to overlook the more important concern of how they will manage keeping their website up to date.  Ask yourself, “who in your company is technically inclined and how will they fit this new task into their existing duties?”. If you don’t have a good answer to either of these questions, add monthly maintenance to your marketing budget and discuss signing an annual maintenance agreement with your web designer.

1.     It’s not that expensive to update your website

At a recent conference, a colleague asked me how much it costs to build a new website? If I asked you how much it costs to renovate my kitchen, your answer would be like mine; it depends.  The average full-time web designer’s annual salary is $65,000, and independent contractors charge between $125.00-$250.00 per hour.

Need help?  Our art department can provide you with a FREE website assessment and estimate for a quick update or full rebranding of your website.