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Amplify your customer response

Amplify your customer response

Every year businesses up their game using the latest technologies to bring in leads. This year make it a point to integrate your print advertising with your digital. There are a number of ways to do this such as augmented reality, social media and QR Codes.

Marketing strategies that use cellphones are increasing. According to Pew Research, the majority of Americans (96%) own a cellphone. The percentage of U. S adults age 50-64 who own a cellphone is 95%.

Print advertising is fairly effective on its own. Adding a QR Code can give it an easy boost. Direct mail reaps higher conversion rates. According to the Data & Marketing Association when print is paired with digital it converts 28% more.

QR Codes have been around a long time. The pandemic brought them to forefront. We are seeing them everywhere. Hotels and restaurants use them for guests to view services and virtual menus. Stores like Best Buy use them to enable shoppers to research, review, and share product information before they buy. Last year TheHomeMag ran a print to digital campaign with a QR Code on the back cover for readers to purchase tape measures.

Quick. Easy.
With a cellphone, QR Codes are a quick way to get someone to your website or a specific promotional page without knowing the URL. They are particular helpful when the page you want them to view has a long url.

Although most consumers may not know what the term QR (Quick Response) means, they do know how to use them in their buying experience. Smartphones have made scanning the codes much easier than it was 20 years ago. 

Integrating print with digital increases engagement driving the customer to interact directly. Think about adding a QR Code to your print advertising this year. You may want to include instructions or some direction for scanning for those readers who are unfamiliar with QR Codes. Entice them. Tell them what they’ll discover to make it worth their while.

Kathy Latus