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COVID-19 Information - During these challenging times, TheHomeMag is here to help with free resources to keep your business operational.

The Changing Face of Business

The Changing Face of Business

New Standard Operating Procedures

Refining Home Improvement

We will never be the same. The COVID-19 outbreak forced us to look at how we do business. New standard operating procedures have been implemented and are here to stay for certain business sectors.

The hospitality, entertainment and restaurant industries had to cancel, postpone and close their doors to the public. They created new ways of doing business, ramped up areas where they could still operate and re-purposed other services. Virtual events and takeout have become the new norm.

Home Improvement Support

Home improvement businesses are operational and their support businesses are as well. Building, construction and remodeling remain essential sectors. The home delivery industry increased its operations making supplies readily available. The Teamsters have made it possible for building materials to be stocked.

The USPS is delivering but has reported a decrease in direct mail. Media outlets and printing companies have cutback but are still running. Magazine publishers such as TheHomeMag are publishing and mailing to homes across the nation. The Internet remains a vital communications vehicle for businesses to reach consumers.


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Adapting to the New Normal

Home Improvement businesses are adapting to servicing customers with little or no one-on-one contact. They have created new ways to reach and service homeowners. Communication takes place technologically via phone, email and video conferencing. Consultations, estimates, appointments and invoicing are happening virtually online.

Exterior Home Improvement Services are performing without any direct customer contact. Crews are cut back to one or two people. One worker is preferable but some projects require more staff. Workers must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The OSHA’s standards require using gloves, eye and face protection, and respiratory protection.

Interior Home Services have changed the physical “in-home consultation” to a virtual one with photos and video conferencing. New standard operating procedures are door-to-door delivery of samples, designs shown to customers digitally and electronic signing of contracts. Interior remodeling projects are happening with precautionary measures and CDC protocols in place or being scheduled months in advance.

Business operations are changing and evolving quickly. As a home improvement company, first and foremost you want your employees to be safe and your customers to be protected. Business owners must stay diligent updating and revising their response and plans as circumstances change for current and future projects.

We look forward to a safer and healthier future for everyone.

Sources: COVID-19 Standards from US Dept of Labor and Osha

by Kathy Latus