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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Life is an adventure. Dare it! – Mother Theresa

This past week, I took 9 ladies to Las Vegas for a 3 day, 2-night adventure. Now before your minds all start drifting, let me tell you the story.

My daughter wanted to have a pool party for her 13th birthday in August. We had begun the process of looking for a new home, one with a pool, at the start of her summer vacation in July. The only problem was we had not yet found one that checked all the boxes. Every year for her birthday, we have a big Summer Party. Her friends, our friends, a plan which normally starts out as having a small group quickly turns into a large gathering. It usually goes until late at night. Lots of fun, music, and dancing. So, this year, what to do? What to do? Eventually we decided! Vegas, right? They have amazing pools! Best kids’ Pool! Mandalay Bay! Beach, waves, lazy river, cabanas, and perfect teenager food served at the pool! What could be better?

Before you know it, we had Tayla and her friends booked on flights and found a giant interleading hotel suite for all 8 girls; Debbie and I in another room a few doors away; and it’s organized. Now what could go wrong?

Everyone I told thought we were crazy. 8 Teenagers? But you forget, I used to run a Charter boat. Where we had 6-8 guests come live on our boat for 7-10 days. To be honest, we were a bit apprehensive, but excited to give these 8 girls an experience they would remember forever.

Step 1. Rules of the Game. Lessons learned from my charter days. Set the rules and expectations and the results of stepping outside the discussed boundaries. Make sure everyone knows who’s in charge.

Step 2. Paint the vision for what you hope everyone will experience.

Step 3. Get out of their way, watch and learn.

My goodness me! We were totally surprised by how wonderful each and everyone behaved. They executed the plan flawlessly and had so much fun. I got to experience some kids having their first flight and seeing Vegas for the first time, and learned how young adults who have parents that have taught them good manners can conduct themselves. By the time we returned 2 days later, we had 8 very happy but totally exhausted teenagers going home to their parents having had an awesome experience.

Kids today are growing up so differently to how we were brought up. It’s hard as parents to have all the right answers. We want them to experience life, but at the same time, not have them grow up so fast.

While we try to teach our children all about life. Our children teach us what life is all about. – Angela Schwandt

All I can say is that your kids just want to know you love them unconditionally. The time you invest in them now will live with them forever. My daughter always tells me how much she misses me walking her to elementary school every day. It’s not possible now since she goes to middle school, but it’s a memory she will have forever. I never missed a day of walking her to school, and I loved every minute of it!

I hope your summer vacation was one of many happy memories. Happy Back to School Time!!!