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Find the Hidden Treasure

Find the Hidden Treasure

“The Only belief that hurts you is the limiting belief that you believe.” -Anthony Robbins

Let me tell you the story of a famous Treasure Hunter named Mel Fisher. He was an Indiana born chicken farmer, who moved to California to open the first diving shop in the state. He married Deo Horton, and they had five children. Deo became the first woman to learn to dive, and went on to set the record for staying underwater for 50 hours. That’s more than 2 days underwater!

Every day, Mel would set out to find shipwrecks that would hopefully hold untold treasures. If anyone exemplified the title of Treasure Hunter, it was Mel Fisher. His motto, “Today’s the day!” kept him going for years, never doubting that he would find treasure and strike it rich.

Along the way, he lost his son Dick, and Dick’s wife, Angie and a diver, when their boat sank. Most of us would have given up, but not Mel. Ten years later, in 1985, he discovered “The Atocha Mother Lode:” 40 tons of gold and silver, some 1,140 000 pieces of eight: the value estimated at over $500 million. Would you have kept going for 16 YEARS? So after 16 Years, with nothing except the belief and certainty that you knew one day you would find treasure? 16 years with the motto “Today is the day!” WOW!

So how’s the New Year treating you so far? Had a few hiccups? What’s the story you tell yourself every day that holds you back from achieving the success you believe you deserve? Many of us look for the easy path in most things in life, hoping that success will magically be delivered to us, if we want it badly enough.

Well, “Yes” and “No.” Firstly, let’s understand that both life and business is full of challenges. We all have our own story that plays in our head. This story, which either creates suffering and pain or bliss and pleasure, is what steers you through your day. It either serves you and makes you better, or it holds you back and keeps you from achieving your goals. Secondly, no amount of thinking and knowledge alone will make you successful. Knowledge is potential power; the real power comes from taking “massive action.” “Hard work is not hard, what’s hard is explaining to yourself why you are not where you should be.”- Anthony Robbins.

Let’s start taking ACTION today! Action is hard. It can be grueling, it can be dirty, it can be ugly, and it can take everything you have to give. Yet people admire others who take action when they don’t have the courage to take action themselves. Nobody is interested in the person whom is born into the perfect family, has a perfectly happy childhood, grew up in an idyllic neighborhood, with perfectly happy parents that go on to live happily ever after. Would you go see that movie? You want to go see the movie where the hero, after having the toughest childhood, beaten, left alone, no parents, sent to boarding school, no money, (Steve Jobs, Elon Musk) overcomes all their obstacles. These heroes tell themselves their story of success. They find a way to get through the pain and grow and learn, grow and learn until they arrive at their goal, victorious. They create a better second act for themselves, by taking massive ACTION!

It’s time for us all to create our successful second act, no matter how hard it may be. Find the treasure in your life. It’s there if you are willing to look hard enough. “Hard” forces us to change and become better. So go find that treasure, become better and WIN!

Have an amazing month – Treasure Hunters!