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How to keep generating leads

How to keep generating leads

Ongoing lead generation is vital to sustainability and growth.

TheHomeMag is your business partner that helps you get quality leads. We realize that not all your leads will come from TheHomeMag. So, here are some things to do to get even more leads.

First, take a look at your website. Is is easy to navigate and find information? Your contact info should be at the top of the page. Your company website should be professional and mobile friendly. More Internet users are searching on their phones. Stock photos are better than no photos but real-life pictures of you and your work go a long way.

Have at least 3-4 testimonials on your marketing materials and website. Potential customers read them and relate to them. Include photos from the job or even get a video of your customer.

Reviews are important. People read them. Be proactive and request reviews from your satisfied customers. Ask them while your on the job and send them a follow up email asking them how the project went.

Word-of-mouth is the best advertising. When you’re on a job, ask your customer for names and numbers of anyone that may need your services. Offer a discount or a kickback for a referral or lead that becomes a customer.

Get in front of the community you serve. Place ads in targeted publications such as TheHomeMag and select the specific areas you want your online ads to appear in front when using Google Ad Services for example.

Make a video about your company. Tell the viewer why they should choose you. Viewers like to watch videos. Increase your SEO by embedding it on your website, circulating it on social media and make sure its on YouTube.

You may not use social media but your customers do. Market where the people are. Contractors should definitely have a Facebook page. It’s great for reaching homeowners. Linked In is good for making professional contacts. Social media is a platform where you can show the personality of your company with photos of your work and your crew.

Look at your operations. Not answering the phone isn’t going to get you work. You must be responsive to leads and have a skilled salesperson that does a good job of selling your service. Being fast, courteous, timely and professional when you meet a potential new customer will help you land the job.

Include a retention program in your business plan. Let your customers know how valued they are and keep in touch with them. Contact them quarterly via a direct mailer, electronic newsletter, greeting card or a phone call.

Good business practices, reliability and great work are needed to stay in business. Hopefully, these marketing tips help your business get the leads needed to keep it going for a long time.

By Kathy Latus