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Do Something, Anything Except Nothing

Do Something, Anything Except Nothing

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”Darren Hardy, the Compound Effect

Summer is here!!! One of my daily delights is walking my daughter Tayla to school every day. It’s been a habit since she started Kindergarten, six years ago. No matter how busy I am at work, I get to have her undivided attention for those precious minutes. I get to just listen to what’s her expectation for the day ahead. I get to hear what’s she excited about or the test that is making her nervous. I get to be her protector and help her face her challenges with confidence. We live in an amazing neighborhood, with a huge green belt that we walk through every day. Starting the day off so perfectly with the predictable “blue sky, no clouds” weather we have in Orange County, really sets us both up to having a great day.

I remember too when I was a kid, I walked with my brothers to school every day. From what I can remember it was far (at least a 30 minute walk). We did it every day creating an unconscious habit that then just becomes your “normal”. We never expected our mom to take us to school. Walking was just normal.

Anthony Robbins talks about how your past behavior determines your future behavior. Your beliefs are a result of past experiences and emotions. Our personnel beliefs define our choices, shape our lives and set the course for how we play the game of life. My Dad went to work every day at 6 am. We had breakfast as a family without him, we came home from school, played, did our thing, had dinner and went to bed like most kids, but Dad was still at work, normal was getting home after 8 pm.

Recently I went home to South Africa to visit my family for Christmas; we were all sitting around chatting about the past and making fun of each other. We used to joke with my Dad that he taught us not what to do, but what “not to do.” My two brothers and I, own our own businesses, and until recently we have always got to work early and left late. Taking a vacation was seen to be a weakness; not working at least one day over the weekend was unthinkable. Where did we get this belief? The unconscious habits we inherited from our parents without realizing it. Observed behavior overtime becomes ones reality, good or bad.

Going deeper we discovered that we all have the feeling that; “Life will throw you challenges, expect them. Money does not grow on trees; working 12 hour days are normal” and “always pick the least expensive meal on the menu.” I still battle with that one.

Today we have more distractions than ever before. Productivity has dropped to an all-time low, as people battle to know what is the most important task that they should do each day. I read the other day that the number one skill to master is “Adapting to Change.” That’s not going to be easy. The solution I suspect to taking back control and getting off that speeding time warp of life is to create the “daily habits.”

The “daily habit” starts with your morning. My unconscious belief was wired into me from a kid. Have a great morning and the rest is downhill. I have set that intention over years. Know what you expect from each day. Long lists scare me, they make me feel unproductive and place unnecessary stress on my subconscious. Pick three daily tasks and no more. Try this for month and I bet you get more done over time and feel far less stress.

Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen. After all, we live in Orange County.

Enjoy summer!

Ralph Harris, Editor