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Target Marketing Strategy

Target Marketing Strategy

Marketing your home improvement business is part of everything you do. It covers many facets of your business from who answers the phone to online reviews. Where your company and your services are viewed is important and should evolve with technology and your changing customer demographics. Deciding where to advertise can be determined by knowing your target markets. Your potential customer profiles will be defined through demographics, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral data.

Significant Household Growth Drives Home Improvement

Higher population numbers mean an increase in housing demand. According to projections the United States is experiencing record household population growth that is comparable to the 1990s. More demand brings more home building, renovating, and remodeling. You want to position your business accordingly to capitalize on the growth.

Boomers. Millennials. Minorities.

Aging Boomers will increase single-person households and married households without children. Millennials will increase growth in married households with children. Between 2015 and 2025, Hispanics are projected to grow the most to increase by 4.6 million households. During this decade, 72 percent of all household growth will be from households other than non-Hispanic whites. Household growth from 2025-2035 will continue to be from seniors and minorities. By 2030, one in every five Americans will be older than 65 years old.

Adapting To Customers

Market your home improvement business to adapt and diversify with the changing homeowner demographics. Some of your same strategies will continue to bring you quality leads like an ad in TheHomeMag. Boomers rely heavily on word-of-mouth and print. Word-of-mouth is still the most effective way of recommending a local business. To reach the up and coming Millennials you will need to market online as well.

Reputation is Everything

Reviews are important for all groups. Eighty-seven percent of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022, up from 81% in 2021.

Make it a priority to manage your business reputation and keep adding positive reviews. Have at least 10 good reviews for potential customers to read. Be sure to ask satisfied customers for testimonials too. Positive customer experiences help you get more business period, whether it’s from a word-of-month referral or an online 5-star review. Keep doing an extraordinary job and go the extra mile for your customers. What goes around will come back around to you and your business.

Position your business brand and messaging to reach and be inclusive of all your the potential customers.

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